Poland’s Central Bank Campaigning Against Cryptocurrencies


Poland Central Bank has been accused of hiring YouTube to commence a smear campaign against the use of cryptocurrencies across the country. According to Business Insider Poland, the central bank has spent more than $27,300 on the marketing campaign to attack the legitimacy of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The amount was spent on the social medial platforms including Google YouTube, Facebook, and Gamellon.

The Gamellon network represents many of Poland’s top YouTubers including the popular prankster Marcin Dubiel. Last year, Dubiel published a video titled ‘I LOST ALL MY MONEY’, which was a fake cryptocurrency known as Dubielcoin. The Dubiel coin makes people grow rich but then its value leaving people to lose everything. The video has racked more than 500,000 views.

Though the central bank is entitled to its own opinion about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it has caused a few debates and other interesting discussions on how to label Bitcoin from a legal viewpoint. In Poland, for instance, Bitcoin has not yet made any users among the central bankers and other financial authorities. Instead, the financial institutions within the country have decided to slander the use of cryptocurrencies via a popular Polish YouTuber.

Since the Polish central bank got in touch with Dubiel, people have no idea who the person is. However, the news has become a trending topic, especially whenever the digital currencies are mentioned. Dubiel has portrayed the cryptocurrencies as a weird way of get-rich-quickly and a risky investment that one can lose everything within minutes.

The campaigns have increasingly made people to quickly lose faith in the use of cryptocurrencies. Although it’s possible to make or lose money in any business – crypto itself is not responsible for people’s losses. Instead, the users have to make their own concrete decisions which Dubiel is not mentioned in the recent YouTube video.

It has turned out that Dubiel never lost any money through the cryptocurrencies as the video fabricated together with the Polish central bank and the nation’s Financial Supervision Authority.


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