Steven Seagal Chosen As One Of The Brand Ambassadors For Cryptocurrency But Caution Is Crucial


A number of the market observers have moved out strongly to enlighten people around the globe about the questionable style of rebranding in the crypto scene. The most recent development hitting the scene is the bringing onboard of a movie star of the 90s to spearhead efforts to spark about interest in cryptocurrency.

The move by Bitcoiin2gen to contact Steven Seagal as a marketer is a matter that is currently causing a lot of speculation around the globe. Seagal has starred in movies such as Above the Law, Under Siege and Hard to Kill.

It is worth noting that on Monday he resorted to his Twitter to promote the coin which is said to have been at its best in the previous year. According to a press release of the coinmaker, Seagal was the perfect brand ambassador considering his diverse character. Reports indicate that the star holds fast to his spiritual beliefs and he lets that guide his everyday’s life.

The press release outlines that the main target of the forthcoming cryptocurrency is to come up with a top end or even more advanced version that tells much regarding the original Bitcoin.

Quite a significant number of people have been resorting to the Bitcoiin2Gen website to try and gain access to relevant information in line with who exactly is behind cryptocurrency. Sources indicate that the domain was initially registered three years ago in Panama though later on it proceeded to change hands.

It is said that the project was a major promotion to the various affiliate rewards structure. A structure that is governed by the motive to spark about interest and it has much to do with how the pyramid scheme operates.

An official familiar with the matter opined, “To promote Bitcoiin B2G, a depositor that resolves to participate in one of our accredited Mining Programs will earn commissions off their recruits’ earnings. Bitcoiin B2G is offering a 4-level commission structure, available to whoever joins the program within the ICO period.”

A lot of people around the globe will be closely following to see the change Seagal sparks about in the near future.


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