The Future of Crypto-Startups


    The 2018 VC Investment into Crypto Startups set to surpass 2017 Tally. The price of the most valuable Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (specifically the BTC chain), has backpedaled significantly from highs set in December 2017.

    The crypto-space has over the previous past received the greatest media focus having brought with it surprisingly interesting features that showcase the financial future developmental velocity with technological innovations in the cyber space.

    The Initial coin offering started to experience great expansions around June 2017 as the early birds took advantage of being the first movers and taking advantage of using whitepapers to make their millions

    There has been a consistency recorded in the level of crypto- space startups with new ventures positioning their bets on every aspect of the financial market with an unclear returns on investments. Here are some of the crypto-start-ups to watch in 2018


    It’s a crypto currency exchange wallet whose missions is to replace all web-based crypto-exchanges and wallets by delivering a comprehensive, all in one solution to buy, sell, convert, use and manage all crypto currencies within a secure wallet.

    Javvy has an advantage of reduced risk in speculations hence if the project is viewed as extremely developmental and records a high growth, the speculations can easily push the valuations higher.


    Its an instant Bitcoin exchange to watch since it provides a lot of cool things with it. It provides access to shopping in more than +20million shops world-wide being a bitcoin form of a debit card.

    The technology pairs with other software’s to ensure access of financial data and hard cash anywhere and everywhere more conveniently.


    It’s among the most common start-ups in the crypto-space positioned for simple investment in currencies such as litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoins hence the start-ups promises to be among the immediate future leaders in the crypto-space


    It’s a payment solution for merchants which aims to incorporate merchants into the crypto-space to enable them be able to access payments from all modules thereby promoting the growth of e-commerce

    Despite the synergies placed in hyping the crypto-space, blockchains have also experienced a steady development with a great number of sizeable venture rounds. Some of which include the digital currency group, blockchain capital, plug and play etc.


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