Iryo Building Its Distributed Network Through EOS


Iryo is unleashing the value of medical data for the new decentralized healthcare economy.

Iryo has decided to incorporate a more advanced EOS rather than being powered by Etherium Blockchain. Eos has been pictured to be the most powerful asset for devolving applications and supporting quite a number of commercial scale applications.

EOS aims to be the most adjustable and usable platforms hence Iryo aims to be among the first programs who want to take advantage over the new framework.

Currently, there seems to be a number of problems in the medical industry which are aimed to be solved using the Iryo network.

In many instances, Institutional data ownership has limited the access for the patients’ medical records. Subsequently, the medical information has been shattered in various incompatible systems thereby limiting efficient operations

With the existence of low security levels, the patient’s medical data also becomes unsecured thereby enabling unauthorized access by parties able to exploit the patient’s personal medical data.

In the medical practice, poor medical systems may easily lead the staff into feeding similar information across various sources thereby becoming operationally difficult to maintain this data.

As a result of outdated systems, the patients incur much more time in waiting for treatments thereby disrupting the normal workflow systems leading to incorrect and inefficiency data management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities involving the use of inefficient, vendor specific IT ecosystems have over time experienced higher administrative costs and have also been exposed to cyber attacks

Earlier this year Iryo launched a work formula with walk with me organization to help in provision of infrastructures needed to upscale the quality of health care needs for the people residing in the camps.

Iryo enables the patients to have access to their data whenever needed through their mobile devices. This therefore permits a more efficient and quality healthcare’s

Iryo therefore aims to grow globally via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO is expected to be executed in three stages. The patients will therefore be able to decide and determine how they choose to interact with their medical data whenever they need it.


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