A Trading Technology Firm Has Built A Wall Street-Grade Platform For Cryptocurrency


    The introduction of lightning network protocols has been praised to be a more permanent explanation in the possible problems that keep on coming up and slowing the bitcoin network.

    The supporters together with the inventors and developers all over the globe are said to have over the past few days been doing tests with the lightning in order to find out if the network is the right solution when it comes to challenges facing bitcoin.

    An electric power company that is chubu being the third mostly known and largest electricity company in japan has been said to be engaging in in a trial in conjunction with the internet of Things Company.

    The trial being undertaken by the two companies is said to give directions on how bitcoin payments should be made via the widely and globally known lightning network.

    However according to experts who argue that this proposed network will lead to the elimination of a high number of bitcoin demerits. They however say that the protocol is still in the organizational process and that there is still a high need of more advice or views from its users.

    The company which has over 194 power stations which produce approximately over more than 32,000 megawatts of electricity in a short period of time and is looking on letting its customers to pay for their cars which are electric using the well improving protocol.

    The demonstrations which were carried out on how the lightning and its partner companies showed that if the two and more others come together then there will be no doubt that the production will increase.

    The companies will work together by connecting the node for lightning to an electric charger vehicles after which it is plugged into the so called electric vehicles.

    A locally known Japanese farm that is specialized in the software development is said to have improvised into work a mobile app that will easily promote the process without any or minimal disturbances.

    The company also gave instructions on how to apply the process that is you firs click the send button and then there is communication via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as the message is delivered.


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