AI Will Take Over Blockchain In 2018, But It Won’t Happen Without These 3 Key Areas


Last year witnessed the invention and creation of technologies that rely on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The year also witnessed doubling of venture capital funding for Artificial Intelligence to $12 billion. A new decentralized internet may unveil soon thanks to the foundation laid by blockchain. There have been a lot of discussions on whether Artificial Intelligence needs much of blockchain or not. Experts have projected that the whole world may shift to using a decentralized infrastructure in the next five to ten years. For AI to remain standing in the midst of the growing wind of blockchain, it will require the following three things:


The main challenge for many people has been getting enough data for training of AI/ML models. In many cases, it’s the companies which have many users that are able to access large datasets. Decentralization will allow companies access more datasets. Ocean Protocol is in the process of developing a decentralized data exchange which will accommodate the world’s data used for AI training.  If they succeed, they will become the goto protocol for consumers and providers of data.  There has been a challenge on data aggregation in the physical world. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are therefore expected to play a significant role in data collection for AI training.


Although data is the central aspect to training of AI/ML models, this data will need algorithms which run in distributed and decentralized manner to be processed. It will not be enough to just take research papers and implement them. SingularityNET for instance integrates AI algorithm and makes them communicate with each other.  Wrapping ML/AL algorithms is an important stop but it is just the beginning of the whole process.  There will be a need for these algorithms to operate in an intelligent manner.

Computing Resources

There are several teams currently working on getting the latest research algorithms and training data to run on blockchain.  The last aspect of this process will be how to use the world’s largest unused computer power run intensive AI/ML training. Cortex is working had to get a breakthrough in this area.

Artificial intelligence has quickly become a driving force which the world can no longer ignore. The crypto community cannot ignore this development either.


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