XinFin Token Records High Trading Volume After Joining Major Exchanges


XinFin, a Blockchain Technology firm based in Singapore has posted high trading volume of its token, XDCE following the recent listing on five major exchanges including the, Forkdelta,,, and The company also earned about $15 million from its latest initial coin offering (ICO) with a huge customer base across the globe.

XinFin launched the ICO after incorporating the blockchain technology into its platform during the introduction of its first product, TradeFinex. The firm has also collaborated with leading companies including the Ramco Systems and plans are underway to partner with other experienced advisors such as Mate Tokay, Justin Butcher, and Roger Ver.

XinFin launched its utility token XDCE in early February to offer various benefits to traders, institutional partners, and private investors. The company also launched the TradeFinex platform that attracted more than 450,000 participants

XinFin recently partnered with KoinOK to develop the leading customer-focused cryptocurrency platform in India to resolve the existing problem of linking the infrastructure to the Blockchain technology. The two firms will jointly generate about 5 million XCDE utility tokens to be supplied to the users free of charge as part of their referral strategy to encourage more Indian citizens to embrace the use of blockchain technology.

KoinKO has developed flexible blockchain facilities that will allow the users to easily trade in a wide range of innovative cryptocurrencies. The XDCE is expected to be the 5th token after Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and NEO. Other firms that provide similar services include Koinex, Zebpay, and UnoCoin in India

XDCE allows the users to easily convert the tokens and gives them constant liquidity against other established cryptos such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tipple and the local fiat currency.

The company is also working on various programs in selected industries including the banking sector, aviation, tourism, supply chain and much more to bring customized solutions across a wide range of business processes such as the re-engineering, procurement, supply chain, settlement, reconciliation and more. In addition, the company plans to expand its operations to various countries including Canada, US, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East in the near future.


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